Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images
Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images

Recently a 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll was conducted whereby people were asked what they thought was the greatest TV sitcom of all time.  The winner was "Seinfeld" with 22% of the vote followed by "The Honeymooners" with 20% of the vote.

"Friends came in third at 16% followed by "Cheers" at 14%.  "Arrested Development", The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "30 Rock" rounded out the top 7 in the poll.

The Honeymooners at number two was a surprise to see for me. I loved the show but I didn't figure many would vote for it. I would have voted for it. The antics of Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton were hilarious.  Guess I was wrong.

In looking at the list, do you agree with it or is there a show you think should be in the top seven that wasn't listed?

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