If you think your house has issues, be glad it's not as bad as a Missouri house that has walls that scream. It's a creepy true story that has made it one of the most infamous paranormal buildings in the state.

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If you've never heard of "The Screaming House" in Union, Missouri, you're in for a treat. Steven LaChance moved into the house 11 years ago and ended up fleeing in terror after the house became more than they could handle.

The Paranormal Scholar is a YouTube channel with almost half a million subscribers as of this writing. She's just provided a creepy new commentary on exactly what happened in "The Screaming House".

Fright Find fills in even more details of Steven LeChance and his family's ordeal inside "The Screaming House". As they mention, he became so desperate for help, he reached out to The Warren's who gained fame in the movie "The Conjuring".

Doors would open and close and the walls would...scream. The activity escalated to such a degree that Steven would eventually yell out loud "God help me!" and the stories claim when he uttered those words, the front door opened and the family left.

Think this is all a tall tale? Here's one final fact to ponder. "The Screaming House" is one of the only houses in Missouri that has officially been declared haunted by the Catholic Church. That's one of the reasons why it's one of the most investigated paranormal place in the state of Missouri to this day.

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