When it comes to making resolutions for the new year I am not one to make a list, but I thought I might try to come up with something anyway. A little late is better than not doing it at all, so here is my list of 10 New Year's resolutions for the year 2019.

1. Try to drive from work to home without hitting a pothole (good luck to me on that).

2. Not to get hurt hitting baseballs in The Batting Cage (list included broken tibia & toe).

3. Work less than 10 or 12 hours a day (Never gonna happen).

4. Stop overdosing on watching "Bluebloods" reruns (just started watching this year).

5. Limit "waiting" frustration by not using the traffic light at 25th & Broadway (seriously?).

6. Remove rear-view mirror to not see that ____ "drafting" tailgater (I blame NASCAR).

7. Attend more City Council meetings so people stop asking "why are you here"?

8. Open a "Joke of the Day" comedy show at the vacant Quincy Mall Theatre (LOL).

9. Hand a Cop a thank you card & a "Get of of Jail" Monopoly card (Cuffs please!).

10. Light the Bayview Bridge with Yankee Blue &White Pinstripes (go Yankees)


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