In a world filled with nothing but depressing news, it was certainly refreshing to have a few days of good news thanks to the Christmas holiday.  If only we can capture those happy feeling moments of Christmas for a few hours of each day we would all be better off for it. Well, we can!

Unfortunately, happy news is hard to come by anymore. Everywhere we turn, there is news of horrible deeds in the world.  Lone wolf attacks in our country of innocent people.  Security is being beefed up at airports, sporting events, theatres and shopping malls not to mention schools and churches.  And Americans are still losing their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq in a fight that many people feel is futile.

If you are sick of hearing all the negative out there like I am, here is what I suggest we all do.  Of all those Christmas pictures you took, keep 12 of the best Christmas pictures and each month take a picture out and place it on your refrigerator door. Look at it each morning and remember that wonderful moment of this past Christmas. Replace it each month with another picture.  It’s a great way to start your day off on a happy note and hopefully it will carry you through the negativity of the day and year ahead.

What can it hurt?      Here’s to a 2018 being a “Happy” new year!

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