Dear Governor J.B. Pritzker,

Recently you signed legislation to abolish cash bail in Illinois for criminal suspects making Illinois the first state in the nation to do so.  Did you considered the following?

Say hypothetically, I am selling drugs in your neighborhood.  You see me selling them and call the anonymous Crime Stoppers Hotline to report a crime.  The cops come and arrest me and book me and process me for the sale of narcotics.  With no cash bail needed, I am released with a piece of paper instructing me when to appear in court. Within hours, I am back out on the streets.  You, Mr. Governor, may be eligible for a Crime Stopper cash reward for anonymously turning me in.

So because I could use some money too, I call the Crime Stopper Hotline and anonymously report myself saying that “Jeff Dorsey is back selling drugs right now in Gov. Pritzker’s neighborhood”. The cops come and arrest me again and I go through the same process again and am released in a few hours. But this time I am possibly eligible for the Crime Stopper reward money. Remember, I anonymously called in my own crime tip. With this no-cash bail ruling, I just possibly collected free cash (up to $1,000) from the Crime Stoppers for turning myself in.

Now this situation may be a little extreme, but it is possible. It is still not as extreme as no-cash bail. Another system needs to be found because, as you can see. this one isn’t going to work.


Jeffrey A. Dorsey

Concerned Citizen

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