So the 2018 Major League Baseball season has come to an end with two exciting game 163’s needed to determine Divisional titles. It also means it is time to review my picks made back in March. Usually I am shaking my head as to how bad my picks were but not this time. Had the Washington Nationals played to their potential, I would have perfectly selected the entire National League finishers. My picks in the American League weren’t too far off either as I selected 4 of the 5 post-season teams.

I selected the Yankees (I know, it’s a “homer” pick by me) as this year’s World Series Champions and that could still happen. We will know in a few weeks. Listed below is what I wrote in March.

POSTED: March 29, 2018

The 2018 Major League Baseball season begins today with millions of Americans and Canadians heading through the turnstiles into their favorite ballparks this year.

Here are my predictions for 2018.  In the National League East, I am picking the Washington Nationals to win the division. In the National League Central, I am going with the Milwaukee Brewers. The winner of the National League West will be the Los Angeles Dodgers.  My picks for wildcards will be the Colorado Rockies and the Chicago Cubs. The winner of the National League title will be the Nationals.

In the American League, I am picking the New York Yankees to win the East with the Cleveland Indians winning the Central and the Houston Astros winning the West. The wildcards teams will be the Boston Red Sox and the Los Angeles Angels. The American League title winner will be the Yankees.

Regardless of my picks, I am excited to say it’s time for post-season baseball.  Baseball, what a great game!

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