I recently attended an Alzheimer's Association board meeting and presented an old idea for an annual fundraiser for the organization.  That idea is an annual "Celebrity Roast" of an individual in the area. It was not my intention that that person be me, but somehow it turned out that way. So the first Celebrity Roast to End Alzheimer’s will take place at the Elks Lodge on Saturday, July 22nd with yours truly, Jeff Dorsey (A.K.A... "The Big Dog”), as the “Roastee”.  Richard Cain has agreed to serve as the M.C. for this hilarious evening with Steve Looten, Jared Haugh, David P. Norman and Art Awerkamp acting as the “Roasters”. Years ago "roasts" were held of people like, former Sheriff Bob Nall, former Mayor C. David Nuessen, and Sam Rinella of the Rinella Corporation among others. It's been several years since those "roasts" took place.

Saturday, July 22nd will be one crazy night of laughter as I get skewered. But, remember I do get the last word. So plan on attending at the Elks Lodge on July 22nd at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $20 per person or $150 for a table of 8 people and are available by calling the Alzheimer’s Association at 217-641-0141 or at the door.

The content of this event may get a little over the edge so this is an "Adults Only" event. Lets just say, I wouldn't invite your preacher. A cash bar will also be available.  All proceeds will go to the Walk to End Alzheimers.  If you loved the "Dean Martin Roasts" from years ago, you'll love this one on July 22.

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