There seems to be no shortage of Patriot haters around these parts and the same holds true for the Rams who bolted from the St. Louis area a couple of years ago. So it comes as no surprise to hear of a survey from the Remington Research Group that found that nearly half of Americans are uninterested in the upcoming Super Bowl LIII matchup between the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots. Some 2,321 were surveyed for their poll nationwide.

Some 33% of Americans say they will be rooting for the Rams this Sunday, while 20% say they will be rooting for the Patriots. The rest surveyed said they do not care who wins.

Of those planning to watch Super Bowl LIII, 63% are most looking forward to the game, while 18% are most looking forward to the commercials with the planning looking forward to either the halftime show or the party they’re attending.

When asked whether or not players should stand and be respectful during the national anthem, 65% of Americans said yes, while only 23% said no.

The respondents, some 36%, believe NFL officials make calls to unfairly help certain teams, while 34% believe officials are fair and 30% are not sure.

Among those planning to watch the Super Bowl, 31% say they are likely to break their New Year’s resolutions on Super Bowl Sunday, mostly by eating previously forbidden foods.​

With all that said, my prediction is Kansas City would have beaten New Orleans. In other words, who cares!

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