Back on April first, I made my picks of who would win this year's wild card slots, divisional playoffs, league championships and World Series title for the 2016 baseball season. I am embarrassed to say I got only one team right. Of the ten teams entering post season play, I only picked six teams correctly. So lets take a look back. On opening day I made these choices.

In the National League East, I picked the New York Mets to win that division. In the National League Central, I went with the St. Louis Cardinals. The winner of the National League West was selected by me to be the San Francisco Giants with the wildcards going to the Chicago Cubs and the Washington Nationals. I chose the winner of the National League title to again be the Mets.

In the American League I selected the Toronto Blue Jays to win the East with the World Champion Kansas City Royals winning the Central and the Texas Rangers winning the West (my one correct pick). I also chose the wild-card teams will be the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Angels. I also selected the American League winner to be the Royals once again.

In April I also chose the World Series winner to be the Kansas City Royals in a repeat of last year’s Series.

In case you were wondering, Boston, Texas and Cleveland won Division titles with Toronto and Baltimore capturing the Wild Card spots in the American League. In the National League, Los Angeles, Washington and Chicago won Divisional titles with San Francisco and New York winning Wild Card berths this year.

Could I be any further from reality with my picks this year? Oh well, wait 'til next year. Where have I heard that before?

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