Last Sunday I was stung in the back of the neck by a wasp. It is a wasp that is no longer living thanks to my going into a retaliation mode.  After smacking him with my hand and stomping on him for good measure, Mr. Wasp is no more. The story really began a day earlier. While visiting my daughter in Peoria, I noticed quite a few wasps flying around her house and Joshie, my 6 year old grandson, told me to watch out for them.  I told him "if you don't bother them they will leave you alone". I wish I would have followed my own advice.

Apparently, with my car window rolled down, one of these wonderful high flying insects managed to get a free ride to Quincy in my vehicle unbeknownst to me. After finishing my visit with my family,    I began the drive back to Quincy.  All was fine until I got around the Adams County Fair Grounds when all of a sudden, with me driving 70 miles an hour down the highway, this monstrous, B-52 like wasp flew toward my face.

It was at that point that I forgot all that wonderful advice I had given Joshie and I swatted at him all while continuing to drive.  The wasp hit the passenger side window and dropped to the floor next to the passenger seat. The rest of my drive was made with one eye on the road and the other eye doing radar like viewing in hopes of not seeing the wasp again.

Once I got home, I went looking for him to no avail. Where could he have gone?  I gave up the search and left my windows open so he could fly out in the event he was still alive. The next morning I searched again to no avail. That "B-52 wasp" had to be somewhere. Perhaps he flew out. With that being the hope of mine, I got in the car and drove to get breakfast.

With all fear cast aside, I was driving along and all of a sudden Pearl Harbor was happening to me. The "B-52 wasp" was alive and well.  This wasp, with an apparent good memory as to who hit him just the night before, attacked and struck with a mighty vengeance and inserted his stinger in the base of my neck. Needless to say, this caused me immediate pain which led me to sound like a cussing Russian sailor and on Sunday too!

Ringing in my head were my own words, "if you leave them alone they won't bother you". With a knot at the base of my neck still there, I haven't said a word to Joshua about it.

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