What kid doesn't like to play in the dirt? There may even be a few adults as well. With that in mind The Big Dirt Dig returns to Hannibal this weekend. Just what is The Big Dirt Dig?  Well, the Hannibal Parks & Recreation Department staff members will provide a huge pile of dirt for youngsters (and adults too) to play in. Plus, Bleigh Ready Mix Company will also provide a pile of sand.

Kids of all ages are encouraged to bring shovels, buckets, trucks and digging toys between the hours of 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. this Saturday morning to the parking lot of the Admiral Coontz Recreation Center located at 301 Warren Barrett Drive.

The idea is for kids to just have fun and get a little dirty while they are at it. Now what all-American kid wouldn't love to do that. The event is sponsored by Hannibal Parks & Recreation and Parents as Teachers. and there is no charge.


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