The 4th of July is my favorite holiday. Celebrating America, BBQ's with friends and family, swimming, and of course fireworks. There are several places to watch fireworks this year, but we wanted know which ones were the best.

LaGrange, MO seems to be a very popular site to watch fireworks. Not only do you get great music with a FREE concert, according to all of you, they put on one heck of a fireworks show. The Quincy Gems, Lovers Leap (in Hannibal) and the Quincy Riverfront/Illinois Vets Home had several mentions as well. That is the show my family and I go to each year, and it's pretty amazing how they set it to music.

Also making the list Whispering Oaks in Mendon, Spring Lake in Quincy, Camp Point, Pleasant Hill, Wilco Fireworks in Palmyra, and Quincy Country Club. Just remember, if you live in Illinois most fireworks are illegal. Make sure you know the law and the law of the ocuinty you live in.

If you are shooting off fireworks, as always please be careful, watch the little ones and just have a good ol' fashion fun holiday this year,


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