This Sunday is the 15th anniversary of 9-11.As you drive by the Quincy City Hall on Maine Street this weekend, make a special attempt to look at the rusted out and bent television tower that is located in the Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Plaza. That rusted out tower sat atop Building #1 of the World Trade Center in New York 15 years ago. It ended up in the rubble of the two towers that collapsed as a result of the attack on the buildings in 2001.

When the City of Quincy found out that the Harris Corporation tower was built in Quincy it set out to retrieve it as a way to remember the victims of that horrific day. The tower was originally installed on the top of the building in 1978 for WNET-TV in New York. Lead by the efforts of then Mayor John Spring and former City Engineer, Jeff Steinkamp, the city retrieved a 15 foot section of the mangled tower and brought it back to Quincy in 2011 to put it on display at City Hall.

It is just 15 feet of the 360 foot original tower and it weighs approximately 7000 pounds. When you look at it, it may look like 15 feet of scrap metal but it represents everything this country stands for.

Jeff Dorsey
Jeff Dorsey

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