I had no idea that Quincy and Hannibal are final resting places for so many notable people in history. So I did a little research, and here's what I was able to find.

  1. John Wood - Mayor of Quincy and eventual Governor of Illinois (Woodland Cemetery, Quincy)
  2. Roy Brocksmith - actor that appeared in both Total Recall and Arachnophobia (Woodland Cemetary, Quincy)
  3. Lester Gaba - a sculptor and writer from Hannibal (Bnai Sholem Cemetery)
  4. Clarence Earl Gideon - convict responsible for landmark Gideon v. Wainwright ruling (Mount Olivet Cemetery Hannibal)
  5. Rev. Augustus Tolton - first black priest in the United States (Saint Peters Cemetery, Quincy)

I think it would be cool to visit some--or all--of these graves! I actually love walking through cemeteries (I explain why in the video below). Is that odd?

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