What do John Anderson, Roy Brocksmith, James Earl Ray, and Jim Finigan have in common? They are all from Quincy, IL.

You may not recognized all the names listed above, one or two may stick out, but all these famous people lived in Quincy at least for a short time during their life. So who are they and what are they famous for?

John Anderson, born and raised in Quincy, was an actor and director of a little show called The Twilight Zone Gunsmoke. Roy Brocksmith, born in Quincy and a graduate of Quincy University in 1970, was an actor in both Total Recall & Arachnophobia.

You might recognize the name James Earl Ray, the man who assassinated Martin Luther King, Jr., was raised in Quincy. Originally from Alton, Ray's family moved from Alton to Ewing, Missouri and changed their last name to Raynes. Ray also had some trouble in Hannibal, when he was convicted of mail fraud after stealing money orders, according to Wikipedia.com.

There are several sport figures from the Quincy area including Jim Finigan. A Third and Second baseman for several Major League Baseball teams back in the 40's and 50's. Teams including the New York Yankees, Kansas City Athletics, and Detroit Tigers to name a few. Finigan is buried in Quincy at St. Peters Cemetery.

These are just a few celebrities, athletes, singers, and criminals from Quincy.            Happy Googling!!!



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