Y101's 17th annual Bridal Expo is coming up on Saturday, January 31. It it keeps getting bigger and bigger every year. Here is some trivia for you. Where was the first Y101 Bridal Expo held in Quincy? I'll let you think on that. 

Through the years we have seen many brides, and even a few grooms. Some grooms look excited. Some don't. But at least they are there. Many moms come to the expo with ideas for what their daughters' special days might look like. We here at Y101 just want you to have a great time without any pressure. Your big day is coming and we just hope we can help you find what you need for your special day.

As far as the first Bridal Expo in Quincy goes, we were actually set up in the hotel where Drakes Steak & Ale is now. How many of you remember going to that?

We can't wait to see you at the 17th Annual Bridal Expo on Saturday, January 31 at The Ambiance. The expo hours are from noon - 3, and it is free to attend.

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