You know you have too much time on your hands as a government official when...that's the best way to describe the fun time when an Illinois town really went out of their way to ban baggy pants. This really happened and it took them the better part of a decade to fix it.

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Reader's Digest shared a list of 50 things you won't believe are banned in America. On their list was a curious ordinance passed by Collinsville, Illinois way back in 2011. This was really a thing. It was so embarrassing to the mayor that he apologized to citizens after it passed.

Get this. It took them 6 years (yes, SIX YEARS) to repeal the baggy pants ban. The nerve. Eventually in 2017, Fox 2 out of St. Louis reported that baggy pants are now welcome in Collinsville, Illinois again. Whew. That was a close one.

It's a good thing that Collinsville is now not making arrests for baggy pants as Pop Sugar says this look is now "in". As a matter of fact, they shared 25 ways to wear baggy pants. They are rebels.

I've never been a fan of baggy pants that the younger generation sometimes wears around their ankles, but I'm not ready to call in a citizen's arrest if they do. There are bigger problems in this world than worrying about how someone wears their drawers these days. (*face palm*)

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