This past Sunday, I took the whole family to see Elf: The Musical at Quincy Community Theatre and all I can say is that it was magical.

I knew the show was amazing when I looked over and my hubby was laughing and really getting into it. It was truly a great show with an amazing cast and crew who all did an awesome job.

We are such a lucky community to have a theatre that puts on quality shows and productions all year long. I've been to The Fabulous Fox in St. Louis and a couple Chicago area theatres, but there is just something about Quincy Community Theatre. Maybe it's because most of the people on stage are local or maybe it's because you can see each character put their heart and soul into the performance (or maybe because I don't have to travel long hours or break the bank to enjoy a play).

So thank you, QCT, for bringing these shows to life in small town Quincy. To the cast and crew of Elf: The Musical: BRAVO! You nailed it! For a few hours, my family and I were together and not in front of phones, ipads, and computer games. Just together as a family enjoying the magic of live theatre. It truly was the best afternoon ever.

And to Drew Quintero: you KILLED it playing Buddy. I couldn't see anyone else playing that part. Thank you for bringing Buddy to life on stage.

Everyone involved did such a fabulous job bringing the story to life. The singing was perfect, the dancing was amazing, and the acting was incredible. You are all very talented and you should all be very proud of yourselves. My family and I could not stop talking about the experience.

If you have not seen a play at QCT, you are truly missing out. 2019 season passes are on sale and Christmas is just a few days away. Why not think about picking up a couple and enjoying the magic of Quincy Community Theatre all year round.

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