Happy National Froyo Day! And you know what's better than froyo? Free froyo!

To celebrate what should definitely be a more well-known holiday, TCBYs across the country (including Quincy and Hannibal) will be handing about free froyo today for just walking through the door. Stop into either location and your first six ounces of delicious frozen yogurt are completely free. Now if you go over the six ounces, you're gonna have to pay for the difference (which is fair).

I love the Roasty Toasty Marshmallow and White Chocolate Vanilla flavors at TCBY. And frozen yogurt is healthy, right? Especially free frozen yogurt. That's gotta be healthier than fro-yo you pay for. It has to be. And if you go with the toppings, those shouldn't count against your diet either, right?

For more information on National Frozen Yogurt Day, visit tcby.com.

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