The weather is getting colder and if you start get a little stir crazy, here's a new guide of Quincy through the town architecture and art structures.

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The new Mid Mod Quincy Driving Tour can be found at The tour takes you to some of the premier sites of Quincy's mid-century architecture and art structures. From Mercantile Bank to Quincy Regional Airport, this guided tour explains about the structure of each building, and how the structures sever as stable in the community.

Want to know more about the Members First Credit Union Building and why its designed the way it is? Or Why the Quincy Regional Airport is a circle within a circle? This tour will keep you busy exploring the city of Quincy all day.

Explore iconic commercial and religious structures which serve as the cornerstones of our community’s mid-mod landscape, along with stunning residential properties meticulously maintained throughout the city. Included are several 1930s Art Moderne homes as well– simply too impressive not to be admired. We’ve narrowed the route to 30 structures, but there are scores more to spy along the way.

The Mid Mod Quincy is available for free download at Copies are also available at the Villa Kathrine Tourist Information Center, 532 Gardner Expressway.

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