For the second time, one of Quincy's most unique houses has made a popular Facebook Group list.

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Built in 1939, this 2,620 square foot house, located at 2210 Aldo Boulevard, has 4 bedrooms 2.5 baths and is truly a marvel among Quincy’s most beautiful houses. According to the post, this house was designed during the Golden Age of America era, It's an Art Deco 2-story home with so many unique and different features. Including a rubber roof, and wood beams throughout the main floor. Plus, it has updated everything so whoever buys this only has to move in and enjoy every inch of the house.

This Facebook group showcases houses from the simple of the country side to the biggest all over the country. This is the second time Quincy has made the list, the Merriam Mansion made the list a few years ago. That house is also on the market, its located at 601 Spring in Quincy. You talk about a house with history, I would love to take a tour of that house. The pictures don’t do it any justice and if I had the money, I would so buy it, flip it, and live in it.

There are so many interesting houses in Quincy, with amazing stories behind on how they got built, you can take a self-guided tour through Quincy and look for yourself. The tour takes you one the history of 30 buildings and homes built in the area.

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