Here's a headline you won't see often. Prepare yourself for the Godzilla Saharan Desert dust storm that's making its way to the tristate area this weekend.

Really, the only preparation you'll need is to have your cameras ready. That massive dust cloud will make for some spectacular sunsets from this evening, June 25 and into the weekend.

Dust storms are common in the Sahara. What's really unusual is for the dust plume to travel across the Atlantic and to drift so far inland that it impacts our area. This plume is particularly heavy, about 2.5 thick, sitting a mile above the earth.

Areas like the Carribean that sit closer to the Sahara are having horrible air quality conditions. In our area, the skies may be hazy and people who are particularly sensitive to dust may experience allergy symptoms. However, the tradeoff for hazy conditions is amazingly vivid displays of orange, red, yellow and pink in our sunsets for the next couple days.

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