This past weekend gave us the opportunity to view what they call the Super Moon. This full moon was called the Super Moon because the Moon was the closest it will be to Earth this year. The moon was 15,300 miles closer than usual and was only 221,802 miles from Earth last weekend. I know some cars have mileage over 200-thousand on their odometers to put that into perspective. Therefore, it was the biggest and brightest moon of the year. I read two different stories about it and one was published by the Quincy Herald Whig and written by Malcolm Ritter. In the story he says "don't expect any must have been a full moon spike in crime or crazy behavior. That is just folklore". I am here to differ. All I have to do is read the daily police report that I receive each day and look at the activity on it and that is proof enough for me. If you check with police records you will see a spike in crime and also crazy behavior in people during full moon time periods. Every officer I have ever talked to about this has told me the same thing. Is it the stronger gravitational pull on one's brain that does it? Who knows. But statistics don't lie and if I were to delve into the stats I would bet the next full moon that I am right.

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