Would you like to step into a time machine and see what life was like in Missouri back in the year 1876? You can in a virtual kind of way as there are pictures and video showing the inside of an abandoned Missouri mansion that was built that year.

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What was happening in 1876? Alexander Graham Bell had just invented something he called a "telephone". Wyatt Earp had just started working as a lawman in Dodge City, Kansas. The United States was celebrating it's first centennial and Wild Bill Hickok was killed in a poker game that year. Oh, and this Missouri mansion was being built. Even though it's empty now, a video from a few years ago shows what it looks like inside.

NOTE: While no location was given, pretty sure this building is in Moberly, Missouri based on comments.

What Remains Inside of an Abandoned 1876 Missouri Mansion

While much of the home was in various states of disrepair, you can still see the bones that made up the character. You can also see a video walkthrough in and around the home by an urban explorer YouTube channel.

So much history if these walls could talk of a Missouri home built in the reconstruction era between 1865 and 1877. Now just a visual time machine of an era long since gone.

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