I can attest to the fact that the awards that mean the most come from everyday people and not big organizations. That's true for pizza, too. A St. Louis pizza joint just had this happen as they were recently ranked among the top 40 places in America and it's because of the people.

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Just this year, Yelp tabulated all of their reviews in both America and Canada and came up with the top pizza spots in America list. Among the top 40, you'll see a St. Louis place you maybe haven't heard of.

Pizzeoli Wood Fired Pizza came in at #39 in America on Yelp's list curated from reviews by their readers. They are an interesting choice as Pizzeoli puts great thought into not just the pizza and its ingredients, but the wood they use to cook it with. I had never thought of that aspect before, but it makes sense as wood-smoked BBQ goes to another level when you use the right kind of wood.

Out of curiosity, I checked out the Pizzeoli Wood Fired Pizza Yelp page and sure enough they have over 500 near-perfect reviews. Lewis C. added this review just a few weeks ago which seems to sum up the vibe of the reviewers:

This place is amazing with excellent food, atmosphere and service, we've been coming to this delicious restaurant for a few years and we are never disappointed.   The atmosphere is comfortable and the staff make you feel at home; however, the best part is the pizza, maybe STL's best.

According to Yelp, you can say Pizzeoli is one of America's best which is high praise especially when it's coming from the people.

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