Talk about being in the right place at the right time. That's what happened for a St. Louis photographer who has gone viral with his stunning pic of fog over the city as his plane was waiting for clearance to land.

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Huge thank you to Philip Patterson who was kind enough to allow me to share what he captured over St. Louis, Missouri a few days ago. You'll never see a fog picture quite like his.

Philip mentioned to me in Facebook chat that he was "lucky to have captured the city and surroundings" and I agree that was what made his photo so unique. Fox 2 out of St. Louis shared video of Philip providing the backstory of how the photo opportunity came to be.

The National Weather Service has an interesting breakdown on what makes a massive fog event like this happen. Chris Higgins from Fox 2 gave the explanation for the rest of us non-weather experts.

Philip is using his photographer skills to make this fog photo available via high-resolution digital copies soon. You can contact him via Facebook for more info. You're not likely to see a better weather anomaly photo than this one. Once in lifetime capture and I appreciate Philip Patterson being willing to share it with the world.

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