If you are interested in wild weather differences, the National Weather Service has quite a story to tell about what January was like in Quincy, Illinois. Overall, their stats show it was generally foggy with more than a 60 degree swing in temperatures from highs to lows.

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This interesting synopsis of January weather was shared by the National Weather Service in St. Louis today on their Facebook page. There's a lot of weather data in one little graphic.

As you can see by their graphic, Quincy, Illinois had a high temp on January 3 of 66 degrees. Compare that to the low for the month which was 5 degrees on January 31 and even with my limited math skills, that's a little more than a 60 degree difference. That high on January 3, 2023 was an all-time record, by the way.

As for the weather itself, a few rainy days and a whole lot of foggy days provides an accurate description of what January was like. The National Weather Service says January 2023 was the 14th warmest on record.

There's an old saying that if you don't like the weather in Illinois or Missouri, wait 10 minutes. Considering how crazy January was, I now wonder what awaits us the rest of February into March. We shall soon find out.

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