It's graduation season and if you or someone you know is graduating and looking for a place to start your career, you don't want to overlook St. Louis, Missouri, according to one popular website.

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According to, St. Louis ranks as the 19th Best Place in the country to start a career in 2022. St. Louis makes the top 20 and places like Salt Lake City in first place, Miami in 7th place, and Boston in 17th place, St. Louis ranks ahead of big cities like Nashville in 38th place, Kansas City in 62nd, and Chicago in 108th place. So what makes St. Louis belong in the top 20?

On the site WalletHub says...

"We examined each city based on 27 key metrics that range from the availability of entry-level jobs to monthly average starting salary to housing affordability."

St. Louis did really well finishing 9th in the entire country for Professional Opportunites, and the city would have been ranked higher if it didn't come in 70th place for Quality of Life. But I think the quality of life category is tough because St. Louis does have a good amount to offer, and depending on where you live the commute won't be that bad, I think that score is too low to give St. Louis in my opinion. To see the full list of cities for yourself just click here!

And if you are one of those college kids graduating this year, are you looking to make a big move to a big city, or with everything being more expensive will you be trying to stay in a smaller town where it could be easier to have a higher quality of living?

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