We've been slowly getting the St, Louis Cardinals promotional schedules month by month. Well, now that the stadium will be open to full capacity on June 14, they just released the remaining season freebies and they are ones you don't want to miss.

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Besides the game schedule, Cardinals fans patiently wait for the promotional schedule to come out, and the Cardinals did not disappoint. The updated 2021 promotional schedule features four bobbleheads, six wearable items, a “YADI” Cardinals Tumbler, a Cardinals Belt, and a Cardinals Build-A-Bear Workshop Bear.

I always wait for this schedule to come out and then I figure which games I want to see. The Yadi Tumbler is on my list and I'm all about the bobbleheads too. To see the full promotional schedule, go to the St. Louis Cardinals website. I should share a picture with all of all the bubblehead's we have, and I am sure we missed a ton. I am always looking at garage sales for bobbleheads we don't have. This summer they will have a Willie McGee Bobblehead Gnome, I am really interested to see what that one will look like. And what the heck is a Whitey Herzog Fishing Bobblehead? Whatever it is, you will be able to get it during the Royals Series. 

The Cardinals announced last week that they will be back to full capacity on June 14 and this weekend you will be able to start buying tickets for those games, and be on the lookout for $6 games. A promotional the Cardinals are excited to bring back to the fans this summer. I know it helps my family and I afford to go to a game more often. 

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