I can't wait until July is over. No, it's not that I hate summer because I don't. It's because the Major League Baseball trade deadline will be past and I won't have to listen to any more stupid theories about how the St. Louis Cardinals are gonna trade Nolan Arenado or Paul Goldschmidt. This is simply not gonna happen.

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I blame most of this recent speculation on the possibility of the Cardinals trading Nolan Arenado on an article by Jon Heyman of The New York Post. Nolan was asked at the All-Star game this week about the business of baseball. Here's Nolan's response to the question:

“It is a business, right?” Arenado said. “I’ve been traded once,” he continued. “I think that shocked a lot of people at that time. I guess it doesn’t surprise me anymore what happens in this game. It would still be surprising seeing some things happen. But I understand there are certain things that probably should.”

Let's be clear about the context. I watched Nolan's answer to the question and his response was obviously directed at the possibility that he'll have teammates traded. He referenced his own trade to the St. Louis Cardinals a couple years ago from the Colorado Rockies. You can tell that he was not expecting a trade now. Jon Heyman's article takeaway? Nolan Arenado would not be surprised if he's traded. Give me a break.

Here's the big problem with all of these theories. As Sportskeeda mentions, Nolan Arenado has a full no-trade clause in his contract. Oh, and it's the same story for Paul Goldschmidt, too. Sorry, Phillies fans.

John Mozeliak has said that the Cardinals will be making major trades prior to the deadline. You can count on it. Jordan Montgomery, Jack Flaherty and Tyler O'Neill are most likely gonna be wearing new uniforms in August. Same might be true for Jordan Hicks.

It's not impossible for the Cardinals to go out of their minds and ask Goldschmidt or Arenado to waive their no-trade clauses. But is it likely? No way. I wouldn't even put a 1% chance of that happening no matter what the sports media wants you to believe so they can coax you into clicking on their speculative articles.

Nolan Arenado and Paul Goldschmidt will remain St. Louis Cardinals. You can mark my words and circle back once this silly season of Major League Baseball trades is done.

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