The St. Louis Blues have had an amazing season. You'd never know it based on their last few games, but they've had an amazing season. Even though the team has played well in 2013/2014, goaltender Jaroslav Halak was traded by St. Louis to Buffalo at the trade deadline. Halak eventually ended up with the Washington Capitals, and has made headlines by sitting out a start against his old team.

According to the Washington Post, Halak was not "100% comfortable" starting in Tuesday night's game at Scottrade Center, during his first visit back to St. Louis since the trade. As you might expect, many Capitals fans (and many sports fans, in general) have been... well... critical is a nice word... of Halak.

I have mixed feelings on the whole issue, especially since I like Halak. I'm one of the Blues fans that still hasn't been convinced that the trade was a good one, but that's a topic for another day.

On the one hand, it is nice to see a professional athlete acting like a real human being with real emotions, and not just a hired hand in our modern age of "everything is business." On the other hand, professional sports is business. As an employee of the Washington Capitals, Halak has a responsibility to his employers to perform at his best at all times.

Twitter and Facebook users have been pretty vocal on the subject. What's your opinion?

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