Last Thursday I had the opportunity to attend a St. Louis Blues hockey game as the Blues hosted the Calgary Flames at the Scott Trade Center. Once in line at the Scottrade Center I stood waiting for the doors to open and when they finally did I entered the facility only to find myself waiting again until I could get a security clearance to proceed to my seat.

I was wanded and padded down by a security official and then given the OK to go on in. Now, it has been awhile since I had attended a Blues game, so I am not sure how long this procedure has been utilized to allow entrance to a game. It definitely is a sign of the times, unfortunately.

I was reading in the Sunday edition of the Herald-Whig that Busch Stadium has installed walk through metal detectors at all of their gates to comply with a new Major League baseball edict affecting all Major League Baseball stadiums. For years security officials at Busch Stadium used wands to scan selected fans before they could enter the stadium.

The bad thing is that fans have to undergo the scanning and detectors. The good news is you should feel more secure in being there and that the walk through detectors will be quicker than waiting for the scanning process to conclude.

It is sad that we have come to this in our country, but we are here. It is a minor inconvenience, but much better than having an incident occur during a game.

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