Every once in a while I come across something on Facebook I consider worthy of sharing and such was the case with a post from "American Pride". I thought I would also share it on our web page as well. You see, all too often a serviceman or woman dies serving our great country protecting our freedoms.  Freedoms like speech, so we can publicly praise our President or call him names and fear not the government coming to arrest you or worse yet kill you.  We can protest our country's immigration policy or gun control issues. We can pick and choose where we want to work, where in other places in the world you are told where to work. We can raise a family and have as many kids as we want where some countries tell you who you will marry and how many kids you are allowed to have.

How would you like to live like that? Not me, that's for sure. These freedoms come with a cost and in some cases a loss of life. Protecting these freedoms cannot be taken for granted.  So when I saw this tribute to a fallen hero on board, I felt obligated to share it with you.

Do I know who the soldier is on board this "Angel Flight" that gave the ultimate sacrifice? No, I don't. I can guarantee you he or she is someone's son or daughter or father or mother. Just think about his or her family. They lost a loved one and few of us even knew it.

This person died serving our country and preserving my freedom and yours and we don't even know his or her name. Because I don't know a name doesn't mean he or she isn't close to my heart. The spectacular video (see below) is deserved of a fallen hero by the military.

As civilians, the very least we can do is, not to just like it, but to share it with everyone you know as a tribute to all who have served our country and never were able to tell us.

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