As you may have heard, Jimmy John's, the Illinois-based sandwich chain, is hosting a “Customer Appreciation Day” today from 11:00 am until 3:00 pm where you—the aforementioned appreciated customer—can get a regular sub for a just a buck at participating locations only.

And Quincy ain’t one of those participating locations.

Per the Jimmy John’s website, “Most Jimmy John’s locations are independently owned and operated franchise stores. It is up to the owner of the location to decide if they want to participate in the Customer Appreciation Day.”

A rep of the Quincy store said that the promotion is reserved for newer stores only. Not the Quincy site which has been a pillar of the 18th and Broadway Plaza for 16 years.
Newer stores like…Hannibal! The franchise at 345 US-61 which opened in February 2014 is all over this promotion according to manager Andrea Bright.

“We’ve never done it before, so we’re looking forward to it! The line shouldn’t be more than 15-20 minutes wait,” Bright says. She reminds customers that this is a walk-in promotion only. The drive-thru is closed and online and delivery service is available, but you’ll be paying full price for either. Fair enough.

Additional “newer” stores participating include Kirksville which (opened in 2011) and Macomb (opened in 2008).

Enjoy your dollar subs, guys!

And if anyone wants to drop a #5 with no tomato off at the station, I wouldn’t turn you away.

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