Someone in the Quincy area has possession of a Quick Pick Illinois Lottery ticket worth $275,000 and they probably don’t even know it. The ticket was purchased at the County Market at 24th and Spring store in Quincy. 

The actual jackpot was worth $550,000, but there were two winners so that jackpot was worth $275,000 to each winner. The other winning ticket was sold in Crest Hill, Illinois and has been claimed. To claim the other winning ticket, with winnings of over one-quarter of a million bucks, the winner must show their ticket to lottery officials by July 29, 2014.

The winning Lucky Day Lotto numbers drawn on July 29, 2013 were 02-06-22-24 and 30. For more information, go to

So if you purchased a lottery ticket last year in the County Market store, today might be a good day to go through your pockets, purses and closets. You certainly don't want to find it on July 30. If you find it, remember who reminded you about it… me.

Good luck!

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