I moved to Quincy 34 years ago leaving behind my parents in Kansas City. Dad passed away in 1985 while I was on the air and Mom passed away 18 months ago and I was with her when she left us. I went back to Kansas City early Sunday morning for the first time since her passing and drove across US 36 to I-35 and arrived in K.C. some 3 and a half hours later.  My mission was to stop by their grave sites at Mt. Olivet Cemetery and go by the old homestead. The mission was accomplished but the visit to the cemetery came with a heavy heart.  It was my first visit since Mom passed away and I have to tell you it was difficult. It was compounded by the fact that my Mom's favorite floral place, near the cemetery, was boarded up and had gone out of business leaving me flower-less on a Sunday morning. Fortunately, I found some discarded flowers in a pile and I made a bouquet from that.  Mom would have been proud of me.

The house remained looking the same.  Not much has been done to it in the way of changes but the fact that I didn't pull into the driveway and walk in was quite weird. Lots of memories at that place.

Needing a diversion from all that, I decided to go see the Royals play the Angels that afternoon. As I was about to buy a ticket a lady came up to me and asked if I wanted a ticket.  She had 8 tickets and only needed 7.  I offered her money for the ticket but she declined saying they were given to her at no cost.  I offered to buy her a drink or a hot dog at least but she again declined.  Turned out the ticket was a box seat 3 rows off of third base.  The game was pretty good but the Angels won it 4 to 3. Anyone who knows me knows I am a Yankee fan first and a Royals fan second,so the loss just added to the day.  It was still fun to be at the ball park and a diversion for a while.

Game ended at 4pm and off I went eastbound on I-70 at 85 miles an hour (not exaggerating the traffic flow either) to get back home.  While driving across the state it made me wonder how I was going to feel when I move from Quincy and come back for the first time. I'm sure it will be different like it was for me on Sunday.

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