It's hard to find that one restaurant that has the perfect menu item, but someone out there thinks they found the best place to get a burger but they need to come to Quincy.

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As much as I travel it's hard to narrow down which place has the best of the best. For example the best pizza, the best sandwich, the best burger whatever it may be. In my opinion, it's all the best and hard to put a blur ribbon on which restaurant tops the other. So when a website named the Best Burger in Illinois, I just find it hard to believe because it's obvious they have never eaten a burger at Scoreboard. name a small restaurant in Martinsville, Illinois as has the best burger in the entire state. Moonshine Burger is a hard place to find, but many people who stop by can say that they do have the best burgers around. The restaurant is located in an old general store and has been open since 1982. According to the website close to 2,000 burgers are sold, but you better get here before 12:30 that's when the grill shuts down.

The writer of this article needs to make a trip to Quincy, and go to the Scoreboard, to try the best burger they will ever have. It might even give the Moonshine burger a run for its money. Now, I have never eaten at Moonshine so I will have to try it someday, but it's going to be really hard to beat the burgers that I have had as the Scoreboard.

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