Earth hasn't seen solar flares in a long time that could rival what happened earlier in May. Did you know that even the Wisconsin rocks and soil received a massive electric shock as a result?

This was a recent revelation by Space Weather about what happened to the Wisconsin soil and rocks after 7 major solar flares erupted from the Sun and began impacting Earth on May 10 and May 11. The USGS map shows the areas hit the hardest by those solar flares.


Those measurements taken by the USGS in the early hours of May 11 showed that Wisconsin and other Midwestern states ended up with electrified rocks and soil. They said "the biggest voltages along the US eastern seaboard and in the Midwest were as much as 10,000 times normal".

Are the rocks and soil in Wisconsin now dangerous due to the electrical charge?

Nope. Earth gets hit all the time with energy from the Sun and even though the recent solar flares were much more powerful than normal, there's no additional danger from the energy the rocks and soil in Wisconsin were especially impacted with.

Northern Lights Over Missouri on May 10, 2024

Gallery Credit: Doc Holliday, Townsquare Media

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