Some people wish they could time travel to see what Missouri was like a few thousand years ago. I'm gonna take a hard pass on that as many scientists believe that Missouri may have been slammed by as many as 3 asteroids.

I saw this interesting map get shared on the Missouri sub-Reddit recently. It shows a map where scientists believe they've found conclusive proof that Missouri has been hit by an asteroid and maybe several asteroids.

Impact craters of the Ozark Plateau
byu/como365 inmissouri

Crater Explorer digs deeper (no geology pun intended) as they show that shatter cones have been found in this geologically interesting part of Missouri. It's called the Crooked Creek Structure which is a part of several believed impact spots that align on the 38th parallel.

Infographic, Crater Explorer
Infographic, Crater Explorer

What scientists don't know is exactly how many asteroids are responsible for these craters in Missouri. One asteroid may have disintegrated and resulted in 2 impacts or maybe even 3. Since we don't know where that time machine is to transport ourselves back to when it happened, it's all conjecture now.

The bottom line is Missouri's geology has almost certainly been shaped by huge space rocks. Let's hope there's no repeat of this spectacular impact event in the future because that likely would not end well for us.

Northern Lights Over Missouri on May 10, 2024

Gallery Credit: Doc Holliday, Townsquare Media

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