If you've ever heard it said that you should be careful what you look for, there's no better example of that than this. An explorer was investigating a remote Missouri school that has been abandoned for decades only to find signs of ritual sacrifice within.

Warning: this is not for the faint of heart or the squeamish. Red Vixens Adventures just shared a short video on YouTube revealing what she found in a remote Missouri school. I can tell you without a doubt this is a sign that a group is meeting there and almost certainly performing ritual sacrifices.

The video begins as she finds a raccoon that has been killed outside of a room. Inside, she finds thousands of chicken bones. This is no accident. Again, this is GRAPHIC VIDEO.

I cannot emphasize how dangerous this is. What she found is the literal definition of ritual killing and whoever/whatever is involved is not malevolent. Ask any law enforcement officer and they will tell you that anyone who is cruel enough to kill animals this way is a danger to humans, too.

If you ever stumble upon a scene like this YouTuber did, you need to contact law enforcement that governs that area immediately. You're dealing with evil that will eventually impose their harm on people the way they have these animals. Fortunately, that evil will be defeated one day. Until then, watch out. Something very bad is happening in this remote Missouri school.

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Gallery Credit: NorthCdogg22 via YouTube

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