If you can sing, dance, act, or do a combination of any of those things Quincy Community Theatre is looking for you to sign up and audition for their upcoming musical!

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Quincy Community Theatre's 2022 season is off and running, tickets are on sale now for their upcoming youth musical "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" and if you are someone in the Quincy/Hannibal 18 or older your chance to be on stage is coming up with auditions for the classic American musical "MAME" one of the funniest shows ever written.

Auditions are on Monday and Tuesday, February 7th and 8th, and Quincy Community Theatre is looking for actors, singers, and dancers of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and ages from 18 and up to sign up for an audition slot. To learn more about the characters and what Quincy Community Theatre is looking for check out their Facebook event page by clicking here! On the Facebook event page, they say MAME is the story of...

"When young Patrick is plucked from his rural upbringing in Iowa to live with his wildly enthusiastic New York socialite Auntie Mame, he swiftly learns that “Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death!” Mame’s captivating optimism and zest for life endear her to (almost) everyone she crosses paths with. Packed with musical theatre classics, such as “It’s Today” and “We Need a Little Christmas,” Mame will leave you feeling exhilarated and full of hope!"

To sign up for an audition spot click here!

I have been involved with Quincy Community Theatre on a number of occasions and getting to perform in their shows is so much fun, the Quincy area really supports live theatre, and if you have any desire at all to try and get up on stage and perform you owe it to yourself to at least audition! I promise you if you get cast you will have the time of your life, and make a ton of new friends.

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