I just read where next season NBA players will wear advertising on their jerseys. It is a prelude to other teams and leagues doing that as well. It is not a new thought since NASCAR has been doing this for years now. 

So I can envision the QND Raiders with a Western Catholic Union logo on their sleeves and the QHS Blue Devils with the Pepsi logo on their jerseys as well. I really am surprised it hasn’t happened already, with the economics of it all.

The costs of running sports programs is not coming down so revenue must be made to make up the difference or these programs will go away. The purists of the game will hate to see it happen, but it is a sign of the times (pardon the pun).

I can see it now.  The Red Birds on the bat with Budweiser written across the bat or Old Style in the Cubs sleeves.

As much as I understand the reason to do it, I hate the idea.  Your thoughts?


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