Last Monday the Quincy City Council reviewed a proposal to reduce the amount of aldermen from the current total of 14 members. The proposal was submitted by Democratic Alderman Benjamin Uzelac of the 7th Ward.

Uzelac originally proposed that the total amount of councilmen be reduced from 14 to 8 with the Mayor casting any tie-breaking vote. After hearing from his constituents since he made his original proposal, he is planning to amend his proposal to include two amendments to be considered at this Monday night's City Council meeting.

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According to a report in the Herald Whig (Tuesday, August 11, 2020),the first amendment would suggest adding three more wards to the city to make a total of 10 wards. Each of the 10 wards would have one alderman. Uzelac's second amendment would see the city go from 7 wards to 5 with two aldermen per ward.

The goal of Alderman Uzelac is to get one of his proposals on the November ballot for Quincy voters to determine its fate. For that to happen, the City Council has to approve one of the two amendments. If the Council tables or rejects it, the proposal will not be on the ballot.

So I ask the question, would you like to see the City Council reduced in size or leave it as is?  Let your councilman know your thoughts before Monday's meeting. You can also express your thoughts here as well.

Will it pass or not?....We will all find out Monday night.

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