Netflix has announced that a reboot of She’s All That is headed to the platform. Titled He’s All That, the movie will be a gender-swapped version of the 1999 film, which was in turn based on George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion. TikTok star Addison Rae and Cobra Kai’s Tanner Buchanan are set to star in the updated romance flick.

She’s All That told the story of a popular jock (Freddie Prinze Jr.) who accepts a bet from his friends to transform an introverted geek (Rachael Leigh Cook) into Prom Queen in just six weeks. In true rom-com fashion, the mismatched high schoolers butt heads at first, but eventually fall for one another. The movie quickly joined the canon of ’90s teen films, encapsulating the era’s signature catchphrases and fashion styles. She's All That’s box office success also launched its main theme song — “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None The Richer — into the mainstream.

The upcoming He’s All That will follow roughly the same premise, except Prinze Jr. and Cook's roles will be played by actors of the opposite gender. According to Netflix, “the contemporary story will follow an influencer (Rae) who accepts a challenge to turn the school’s biggest loser (Buchanan) into prom king.” With the invention of social media, the rules of high school popularity have certainly changed. While MTV reality shows like The Real World defined youth culture in Southern California in the 1990s, the teen scene today revolves more around Instagram and TikTok status.

Speaking of TikTok, He’s All That will be Rae’s debut movie performance. Rae is currently the highest-paid creator on the app, earning an estimated $5 million from June 2019 to 2020. The rest of the cast is rounded out by Madison Pettis, Peyton Meyer, Isabella Crovetti, Annie Jacob, and Myra Molloy. She’s All That actors Cook and Matthew Lillard will make appearances as well, but they'll be playing different characters this time around.

The film is directed by Mark Waters (Freaky Friday, Mean Girls) and penned by R. Lee Fleming Jr., who wrote the original movie. There’s currently no set release date for He’s All That, but we can expect to see it arrive on Netflix later this year.

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