If you've ever seen the Trump Tower in Chicago, it’s a gorgeous building. Have you've ever wondered what the luxury condos would look like?

I know I have, just to see the views from one would be amazing. Well, we’re all in luck, there is a luxury suit on the 84th floor, and all I can say is that you are defiantly paying for the view. You almost get a panoramic view of the entire skyline, and the lake. It’s unbelievable, and for over $2 million it can be yours.

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You see these massive skyscrapers on see what's on the bottom floors. Mostly office space or small businesses, but to actually see one of these suites is kinda cool. This one shown is just 3,100 square feet and has been renovated. For me, it looks pretty plain, there's no color just gray, black and white, but like I said I don't think you're paying for the space you're paying for that breathtaking, unobstructed view of the Chicago Skyline. Plus, you have access to the workout area and swimming pool. I wonder how much it is to park your car in the garage?

Not in my wildest dreams could I ever afford a condo like this, but that is why we have photos so those of us who will never be able to live in a place like this can see how the rich live. All I can see when I look at these photos is just watching the skyline all day, the boats in the lake on the weekend, and just taking in the whole city.

PEEK INSIDE: A Trump Tower Luxury Condo

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