If you live in Missouri, more than likely you'll some amount of snow every winter. But, what Missouri places get the most average snow each year? I've found the top 20 who need to keep their shovels ready.

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It won't be long before Missouri will be regularly dealing with snow storm after snow storm. USA.com compiled a list of the top more than 1000 Missouri cities based on their average amount of snowfall. I'll spare you the complete list, but here are the top 20 according to their data.

Top 20 Missouri Places That Get the Most Snow Every Year

Gallery Credit: Canva

Some northeast Missouri cities aren't too far down this list. Kahoka comes in at #27 with an average of 20.73 inches of snow each year. Edina is at #60 with 19.51 inches of snow each year. Hannibal is way down at #206 with 15.99 inches of that white stuff every year.

You can check out USA.com for the full Missouri snowfall list.

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