If you're looking for a place to getaway in Missouri and you happen to have kids that love animals, I may have found your dream location. It's a wild Airbnb that also happens to be a petting zoo.

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I have never seen a place quite like this one near Loose Creek, Missouri. Yes, it's a place to get away from it all, but it's also part of Beyond the Barn Petting Zoo. There are critters galore. Loose Creek, Missouri is located just to the southeast of Jefferson City.

See Pics of a Wild Missouri Airbnb That's Also a Petting Zoo

Here's how the hosts describe this experience on Airbnb:

The home is located on the property of Beyond the Barn, LLC, which is home to a petting zoo and pumpkin patch. As guests of the house, you get to visit and play in the zoo as much as you’d like! The entire home is yours during your stay, including the patio with the gas grill. The zoo area - including the activities for the kids - playhouses, slides and playgrounds, large sandbox and more - are all yours.

Unlimited petting zoo access? Yes, please. If this Missouri Airbnb petting zoo sounds right up your alley, the nightly cost as of this writing is $140.

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