Wanna get away, but can't decide if you want to go to a petting zoo or an Airbnb? You can have both in one Missouri place that does give you a place to sleep and also lots of animal petting possibilities.

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Only In Your State just did an interesting feature on what's known as the Comfy Farm House located near Jefferson City, Missouri. Here are some pictures from both the Airbnb and VRBO listings.

See Pics of a Wild Missouri Airbnb That's Also a Petting Zoo

The cost to stay there isn't bad for a night at $161 as of this writing. I'm not certain about availability, but best to check the VRBO site for updates and possibilities. If you have kids, they likely will not be bored. At all.

Reid's Orchard Adds Their Own Petting Zoo To The Farm

Reid's Orchard is one of our family's favorite places to just go and hang out whether we're picking apples or playing in Reidland. I recently visited and they had some cute new furry faces.

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