It's one of the most famous homes in Missouri thanks to its shape. Now, you can see inside the funky, awesome and spacey Sunrise Beach, Missouri dome home.

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A couple months ago, Only In Your State named the Dome Home one of the 10 most unique homes in Missouri and for good reason. The actual address shared by Zillow is 620 Point Lookout Road in Sunrise Beach, Missouri. Check out the pics which show the interior and also a nearby boat dock. Winning.

Inside the Spacey Sunrise Beach, Missouri Dome Home

It's been several years since this home was on the market, but it appears that it has sold several times or has been listed for around $300,000 according to Zillow. The listing showed it features "4500 square foot single family home has 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms". Oh, and it's a dome. That's a very important point.

Thanks to current owner Mike Engel who shared this recent pic of his dome home during the holidays.

Photo courtesy of Mike Engel
Photo courtesy of Mike Engel

No doubt why this is considered one of the most unique homes in Missouri. You have the dome shape with tons of windows allowing in lots of natural light. The fact that there's a boat dock in one of the most beautiful parts of Missouri is a bonus.

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