If you have Austin Powers tendencies, there's a Chicago spy place you need to explore. It's actually a restaurant with a not-so-secret red door.

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I was not aware of the SafeHouse Chicago until now. Credit to Only In Your State for putting this on our radar. It's a spy-themed restaurant that is absolutely dripping with a Austin Powers vibe.

The mystery (which this Chicago place seems to have a lot of) is what's behind the red door. You can't pass unless you accept "the mission". What is the mission? I have no clue. Literally.

What I do know is that I've never seen a restaurant quite like this one. Spy gadgets...a global operative map...secret areas. It's like a restaurant and an escape room had a baby (of legal drinking age obviously).

If you're up for this Chicago food/drink mission, the official website for SafeHouse says it's located 1 block off of Michigan Avenue. Why is it that I'm picturing lots of people wearing Cubs jerseys saying "Groovy, baby!" repeatedly. It's yet another mystery.

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